Choosing the best vacuum pump for your application is important. Without a properly working vacuum pump, your applications may fail to provide the results that you want. Many pumps are available to choose from, but they’re not all going to provide the results that you want. Learn more about the different types of pumps to better choose the right product for your application needs.

Type of Pump

gast vacuum pump

There are a few types of vacuum pumps available. The type that is best for your application varies according to the amount of vacuum pressure needed. The types of pumps available include the diagraph pump, rotary vane, piston pump, and the turbomolecular pump. Each pump handles various pressure levels and applications. Learn more about each type to determine which is best suited for your needs.


The pump brand chosen affects the performance and longevity of the pump, therefore, it’s important that you separate the good brands from the bad and go with a name that you can trust. Many people know the Gast name and opt to buy the gast vacuum pump for their applications.


No two pumps offer the same features and functions. Never purchase a vacuum pump until you’ve considered the important features for your application and those offered on the model you’re considered. Some of the features found on vacuum pumps that may be helpful to you include chemical compatibility, pump installation needs, pump speed, pump volume, and maintenance.


Determine your vacuum pump budget before the purchase is made. Don’t overspend for the pump, but do keep quality on the top of your mind. Nothing is more important than choosing a vacuum pump that is capable of exceeding your application needs.