No matter the type of vehicle you drive, an oil change is an important service that you’ll need to keep the vehicle running its best. Read below to learn six important facts about oil changes austell ga important to know to keep your vehicle running its best.

1.    Oil plays a very important purpose in the vehicle. It lubricates the motor which reduces the risk of friction between the engine and other components underneath the hood.

2.    You need to schedule an oil change once every 3,000 – 7,000 miles to keep your car running its best. If the engine oil isn’t changed at regular intervals, sludge can develop on the motor, causing an array of problems that lead to system failure.

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3.    You can change your oil in the vehicle yourself, but the costs to do it at the oil change center are about the same. It’s easier to leave the job to the pros, as they have the means to dispose of the oil and filters properly.

4.    Pay attention to the dashboard in your vehicle. There are indicator lights that let you know when the oil is low or when there are other issues affecting the vehicle that need prompt attention to prevent problems.

5.    Find a professional who is qualified to change the oil in your car. Although a fairly simple duty, it’s one that cannot be performed by all people.  Don’t choose the wrong technician!

6.    There are several different types of motor oil that can be used in the car. Most people choose conventional motor oil but others choose premium or synthetic motor oils to keep their engine life running smoothly for a longer period of time.

Make sure the oil change is a service that you schedule as needed and keep your car running smoothly for longer.